About Us



Seven Sons Soap started as a creative outlet for Angie Doering, while home educating her seven sons–yes, seven very active (and surprisingly creative) boys. She wanted something that would involve her sons, and soap-crafting was a perfect fit. All of the boys help with the soap design, testing, production, and sales. In fact, the younger boys are often the best salesman, since they are quite enthusiastic about the adventure and undeniably precious! The older boys make several of the soap lines on their own, while the youngest (twins) get to stir ingredients and hold tools. It should also be noted that some of the most popular soap designs were entirely thought up by the boys! Go figure!! Although the bulk of the work is done by Angie and the boys, it wouldn’t truly be a family affair, unless Dad got to help out. Josh enjoys building the soap molds and cutting the soap, as well as helping with the labels.

Our handcrafted soap is now being carried by stores locally in the Portland area! If you like our products and think they would be a good fit for YOUR favorite store, please let us know. Each of the stores that currently carry our products started as a suggestion from our customers. We welcome feedback and suggestions from our SSS family!!